SV BellaLuna CARES: Dogs N Cats

    SV BellaLuna CARES “Dogs N Cats” Here’s a little clip about who we are and what we are doing. Bella has been wanting to volunteer at a dog shelter forever. While we were in the Turks and Caicos she found a site online for Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic. It turns […]

SV BellaLuna “SVBL Trailer S:1”

    SV BellaLuna “SVBL Trailer S:1” Here’s a little clip about who we are and what we are doing. Welcome to our adventure! -The SV BellaLuna Crew. Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian Music in this episode: Torches   “Black Magic” (Instrumental)

SV BellaLuna S:1 E:6 “Puerto Rico to Turks And Caicos”

SVBellaLuna S:1 E:6 “Puerto Rico to Turks And Caicos” In this episode, we find the crew of SVBellaLuna off of the coast of Puerto Rico heading toward Turks and Caicos to take shelter from predicted weather. We bring a sweet little Mahimahi onboard for a few meals, Paul’s choice of pasta goes down in the […]

World Water Day 2016

Today is World Water Day Please help support our Waves for Water courier project. We are trying to raise funds to buy water filters that we will distribute to people in need of clean water on our up coming trips to the Caribbean. Please donate couple of bucks (even just a beers worth) to help […]

Thanks Dan!

This is my Friend Dan, who also happens to be our boat broker. After dealing with 3 brokers that made me feel like the process of buying a boat with a broker would be the equivalent of buying a house with a used car salesman. A friend of mine gave me Dan’s number. We hit […]