My Wife and two daughters are currently in Brasil against their will and unable to leave.

On the morning of June 1, 2023 my family, all three US citizens carrying Valid US Passports were on their way to meet a connecting flight returning home to our boat where it is currently located in La Cruz, Mexico. Diná, Isabella who goes by Bella (age 17), and Luna ( age 11) were on round trip tickets and returning from a visit with their grandmother, the first such visit in 11 years. Diná was carrying a notarized document we had produced granting authorization for the girls to travel alone with her since I was unable to travel. The document is in English and Spanish and was to ensure they had no issues returning into Mexico. 


When the three of them arrived at the immigration point in São Paulo to board their connecting flight back to Mexico where Our Boat / home is currently located, all three three produced their US passports.  Diná and Luna were allowed to board the flight. For undefined reasons Bella was not only denied boarding she was told that she was forbidden to leave the country. Their flight left without them forfeiting their tickets. The police refused to tell Diná what caused Bella to be flagged. They simply stated that Bella was a citizen of Brasilm was a minor and due to a law was not allowed to leave. They were told that they could ask questions at a police office outside of the secure area. When they went to the office to resolve the issue they were told they do not have information on their issue. They were informed that the father must go to a Brazilian embassy and produce basically the same authorization letter she was holding but in Português and with a Brazilian notary stamp.

The three of them were stuck in the airport 2000 miles from home in a foreign Country,  in a city where they knew no one and with no money. 


We were able to secure them a flight to the city 1500 miles away where Diná’s Mother lives, but are now they are stuck there with no resources. The Brazilian federal police and government have not provided any contacts or help to resolve the situation. We have contacted the US embassy in Brasil and although they are providing advice said that it is a Brazilian Law and that they will not interfere.


So, the conclusion is that Bella who is an American Citizen traveling with notarized authorization to travel from both parents and a US passport has been claimed as a Brazilian citizen and is being held to Brazilian law even though she was born in the United States, has not entered Brasil for 11 years, does not have a valid Brazilian Passport and has never lived in Brasil. It is ironic that a law which is supposed to protect minors and keep those minors with their legal family members is causing the exact opposite effect with our case. 

Diná has been told to visit a family court to have a judge grant the authorization document as official and acceptable, but this process may take weeks or even months to complete. Meanwhile, our family has been broken apart and we can not get solid answers as to when the nightmare will come to an end.

Please help to Bring Bella Home!

Paul Wisniewski 

updates will be uploaded here!.