SV BellaLuna CARES “Dogs N Cats”

Here’s a little clip about who we are and what we are doing. Bella has been wanting to volunteer at a dog shelter forever. While we were in the Turks and Caicos she found a site online for Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic. It turns out that a couple of people that work for the very same organization live right here in Luperón. Well, the first Tuesday of every month they have a clinic where they take care of local dogs. We as a family volunteered to help out today and this video is a small glimpse into the beautiful work that they do.
Please visit their site and make a donation at:

Welcome to our adventure!

-The SV BellaLuna Crew.
Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian

Music in this episode:

Radio Jarocho and Zenen Ceferino Cuervo
song: Coco
the music is under a Creative Commons license.

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