SVBellaLuna S:1 E:8 “Bahamas to Baltimore”

In this episode, we are wrapping up our delivery back to Baltimore, MD. We encounter equipment failure, bad weather, good weather, good wind and no wind. We make the long open ocean passage from the Bahamas to Charleston, SC.  then enter the ICW in Buford, NC. Our hired Captains jump ship for a more important delivery and leave Paul with two new Captains for the 24 hr. run up the Chesapeake Bay. With the new crew comes a whole new dynamic. Finally Paul & SV BellaLuna (formerly “Catchin’ Rays”) pull into Baltimore after 19 days at sea and a long over due reunion with the family is in order.

Thanks for coming along!

-The SV BellaLuna Crew.
Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian

Music in this episode:

“Let Me Down (inst.)”  by Israel Nash Gripka

“Home” by Van Risseghem

“Impulse” by New Faces

“Lazy Moon” by Jetty Rae

“Welcome to the Bay” by Kero One

*All music licensed from

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