SV BellaLuna: S:1 E:5 “Spring Sprang, Tortola & bringing ‘er Home”

In this episode, Spring finally decides to show it’s face in Baltimore, so the crew decides to take advantage of it and go for a family hike at Loch Raven. They spend some time together before Paul has to leave to meet his long time friend Owen Nieder in Tortola.

Owen and Paul take care of some work and errands before embarking on a trip around the island of Tortola. They also have to pick up the hired “Captains” for the delivery and wind up with some extra time on their hands to enjoy a beer or two and some  S%^T talking.

Once everyone is aboard they throw off the dock lines and head out. Once out on the water they run straight into some weather and the starboard engine overheats causing them to spend the night on a mooring at Jost Van Dyke, and island in the BVI’s.

After a swim some fishing and a good nights sleep they are off again…

Thanks for coming along!

-The SV BellaLuna Crew.

Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian


Music in this episode:

“Sunrise ” by Howl Griff

“Rats In The Walls” by The GoldRoom

“Bossa Soundcheck- Instrumental” by Kero One

“When the Sunshine Comes” by Kero One

“Fearless” by Fiction Band

“Give You Me” by Grow and Twine

“Elusion” by Sunday Night Syndrome

*All music licensed from Audiosocket

The whole playlist for this video can be downloaded here:


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