SV BellaLuna S:1 E:4 “Horses, Birthdays and Our Catamaran


In this episode, we are “The Boatless Boat Owners” We bought the boat weeks ago but she is still in Tortola waiting for us to come fetch her. In the mean time we are getting cabin fever here in Baltimore waiting for Spring to actually act like Spring. Once the weather breaks for a little bit, we jump in the car and go visit some of Maryland’s beautiful thoroughbreds.
We celebrate Bella’s 10th birthday and she receives the re-born baby (a hyper-realistic baby doll) that she had been wanting for a long time.
Paul had to take a trip down to Tortola to take an inventory of everything that is onboard Catchin’ Rays (Soon to be SV BellaLuna) in preparation of our up coming 1,400 mi. delivery back to Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay where we will start our voyage.
Thanks for coming along!

-The SV BellaLuna Crew.
Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian


PS- If you dig the music in this episode, download it here:

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