SV BellaLuna S:1 E:7 “Storms, losing Crew & The Banks”

In this episode, we find the crew of SVBellaLuna still waiting out weather in Turks and Caicos. We get blown around quite a bit at anchor, Owen has to leave the boat to get home to his family and we head out across the Caicos banks as a crew of 3.

Thanks for coming along!

-The SV BellaLuna Crew.
Paul, Diná, Bella, Luna, Booba & Vivian

Music in this episode:

“Morning of the Sun” by Los Halos
“Children Of Neon Lights” by La Fleur Fatale
“Sunshine Underground” byLa Fleur Fatale
“Clear to Me (Instrumental)” by Saturn Missiles

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8 Responses

  1. Hey guys! This is Anna Orner from Baltimore. I can’t believe you already started! Barbara (Grandma), John (Granpa), and Lauren (Sister) really miss you. We were wondering since you guys post pics on Intsagram, could you follow my brother because he’s the only one with Instagram on his phone? We’ll tell you his Instagram name or whatever. Hope you guys are all having fun. Miss you!

  2. Hey this is Anna Orner from Baltimore! Hope your having fun! We all miss you! Bella, I have a few book recemendations for you: Weird but True series – interesting random facts on every page, Guiness Book of World Records – it’s a good book to come back to. Got one for my birthday and loved it ever since, Ripleys Believe It or Not – soooooooo interesting. Did you know there was a kid who matured at the age of 3 and grew a mustache?!. I think that should last you for now but if you tell me what your interested in I’d could definatly tell a good book on that subject. As you can tell I’m a book freak! As for you Luna, Lauren really misses you already. We all can’t belive the fact that your actually going around the whole entire world!Can’t wait for you to get back!
    Anna Orner

  3. Hi Anna,
    We are still here, the videos are from a little while ago and we have not left. We will try to see you guys before we leave and we can talk about some books. See you soon and Happy Halloween.

    Bella & Luna

    1. Hi Anna,
      We think it will take about 3-4 years to go all the way around the world. We don’t know when we will come back to Baltimore though. We will keep in touch with you guys though!

  4. I love the SVBL tees! They are awesome, though the prices are an outrage! Ha ha! Honestly I do love all the products and the method of picking out the tees!

    Anna Orner

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